Nancy A. Hubley

Pittsburgh Director

Nancy (she/her) is Education Law Center’s Pittsburgh Director. She has handled cases and projects in all major areas of education advocacy, with an emphasis on educating the youngest children with disabilities. For over three decades, Nancy’s work has focused on the education rights of the most vulnerable children – including children with disabilities, children experiencing homelessness and immigrant and refugee students who are English language learners. In addition to traditional legal representation, Nancy strategically engages parent, student and community partners to work collaboratively to support and encourage systemic reforms that promote access and equity in education for all children. Nancy believes that a strong, inclusive public education is the key to individual achievement, stronger schools, better communities and a more just world. Nancy also serves as the chair of the University of Pittsburgh’s Early Head Start Board of Directors, and served two terms as the co-chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Subcommittee for Legal Services of Exceptional Children. Her work has been honored several times by the Allegheny County Bar Association and nationally by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. Nancy graduated from Antioch School of Law and received her undergraduate degree, with honors, from Denison University. 

412-258-2120 ext 350