The Importance of Fair School Funding

7 to 1

For every one dollar invested in early childhood education, seven dollars are returned to the local economy.

Money matters in education, and children attending well-resourced schools perform better on achievement tests. However, Pennsylvania’s current education budget still falls far short of what we need to adequately fund our schools.

While Pennsylvania recently passed a statewide funding formula to more equitably distribute funds across school districts, the current budget will prevent schools from making important long-term investments to improve student performance and address structural inequalities. Smaller class sizes, more robust early childhood education, teacher development, arts programming and after-school activities in schools are all correlated to better student achievement and student outcomes. Increased funding is necessary to provide such resources to Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable students and close achievement gaps. The Education Law Center has long been a leading statewide advocate for more adequate and equitable state funding, and will continue to be a leading voice in this work.

Fact Sheet

ELC History of Pennsylvania Public School Funding

An ELC Fact Sheet published in November 2011 detailing the history of public school funding approaches in Pennsylvania.



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