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The Education Law Center interacts every day with families throughout Pennsylvania asking how to protect the rights of their children to receive an opportunity to learn and succeed in school. We focus our efforts on helping to improve educational opportunities for children facing the greatest barriers in school — students with disabilities, learning English, living in poverty, or in the foster care or juvenile justice systems. Our legal and policy resources are designed to help families, school officials, policymakers, media members, and others understand education laws and policies in Pennsylvania.

The Education Law Center produces a Back-to-School Guide each year, which is a comprehensive compilation of our most current and most commonly used resources, organized by subject area.

Current Law & Policy

ELC provides legal and policy resources to help families and school officials understand the rules and regulations of current education law.

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Analysis & Research

ELC regularly provides parents, policymakers, school officials, media members, and others reliable, understandable analysis and research on education laws and policies in Pennsylvania.

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Fact Sheets

ELC’s publications provide a general statement of the law. However, each situation is different. If questions remain about how the law applies to a particular situation, contact us for a referral or contact an attorney of your choice.

Many of our fact sheets are available translated into Spanish and some in other language. Find a listing here.

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ELC conducts legal and policy trainings and information-sharing sessions for advocates, attorneys, public officials, social service providers, and others. To learn more about our trainings contact [email protected].

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Professional Toolkits

ELC provides professional toolkits that help attorneys, advocates, and others navigate education laws and policies at state and federal level.

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