All students should have access to up-to-date reading materials in a well-resourced school library.

What does ELC do?
For an explanation of ELC’s work, please go to our About page.

Is ELC part of a school district or state government?
No.  ELC is a private, not-for-profit public interest law firm that advocates for the rights of public school students.  ELC works to make good public education a reality for Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable children – poor children, children of color, children with disabilities, English learners, children in foster homes and institutions, LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming students, and others.

I’m having a problem with my child’s public school.  What can ELC do for me?
We have lots of publications that might be able to help solve your problem.  You can also contact us at 215-238-6970.

Does ELC charge a fee for its services?
No. All of ELC’s services are free of charge.

What happens when I call or e-mail ELC?
You’ll be asked to leave a message in a voicemail box, and our intake coordinator will get back to you in two to four days.  Sometimes, we will send you a publication instead of calling you back.

Do you take walk-ins?
No.  We ask that people call us instead.

Do I have to be a parent or the child’s caregiver to contact ELC?
No.  While many people who contact ELC are calling us about their own child, we also respond to social workers, juvenile probations officers, school psychologists, educators, and other interested persons.

Do you answer calls about special education questions?
Generally, no.  Callers with questions about special education problems should call the Disability Rights Pennsylvania at 1-800-692-7443.

I am having troubling enrolling my child in school.  What can I do?
We have several fact sheets about school attendance and enrollment.  If these fact sheets don’t answer your question, please contact us.