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New Report Released on Best Practices in Foster Care and Education

The Education Law Center has a long-standing commitment to using data and evidence-based practices to improve educational outcomes for at-risk students.  As a co-founder of the national Legal Center for Foster Care and Education, with the ABA Center on Children and the Law and the Juvenile Law Center, ELC recently facilitated an Expert Roundtable on how advocates and researchers can collaborate to effectively use data to inform policy changes to improve educational outcomes for children in foster care.  The March 26, 2015 Expert Roundtable hosted by the Legal Center brought together advocates, researchers, policy makers and philanthropists to deepen participants’ understanding of current research findings and trends and highlight current and potential policies and practices that can significantly improve outcomes for this vulnerable population.  The meeting underscored the need for continued dialogue between researchers and advocates and is an important conversation that must be continued with the Legal Center’s leadership.

Read our new Report on this event which shares key insights gleaned during the Roundtable and outlines next steps and strategies to promote new research, data-sharing and the development of evidence-based policies to change the future for children in foster care:

Advancing Data-Informed Policies to Improve Education Outcomes for Children in Care: An Expert Roundtable [PDF]