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ELC Newsletter January 2022 – Funding Trial Update, Defending Inclusive Curriculum, ‘Care, Not Control,’ and More

ELC Newsletter December 2021 – Fair Funding Trial; Credit Transfer Legislation; Limiting Exclusionary Discipline; and More

ELC Newsletter November 2021 – We Go to Court Nov. 12, Watching the Trial, Lowly #45, and More

ELC Newsletter October 2021 – ELC Celebrates, New Start Date for Trial, Fighting Book Bans

ELC Back-to-School Guide September 2021 – ELC’s September Back-to-School Guide

ELC Newsletter August 2021 – ELC Celebration, Wins in Funding Case, Act 66, and More

ELC Newsletter July 2021 – School Funding Trial, Chester Upland, Critical Race Theory, and More

ELC Newsletter July 2021 – School Funding Trial, Chester Upland, Critical Race Theory, and More

ELC Newsletter June 2021 – Budget Season, Separate and Unequal, Fostering a Smooth Transition, and More

ELC Newsletter May 2021 – A September Trial, Level Up Funding, Challenging Exclusionary Discipline, and More

ELC Newsletter April 2021 – Stop Anti-Asian Hate, Justice for George Floyd, Friday News Conference in Funding Case, and More

ELC Newsletter March 2021 – Funding Lawsuit, Fight Against Privatization, Black Lives Matter, and More

ELC Newsletter February 2021 – Policing, Privatization, Gerrymandering, and More

ELC Newsletter January 2021 – Broken Funding System, Special Education Needs Attention, Racial Inequities, and More

ELC Newsletter December 2020 – PA Shortchanges Students with Disabilities, Trial Approaches, Federal Stimulus, and More

ELC Newsletter November 2020 – Profound PA Funding Shortfalls, Election Eve, Speaking Out on Police Violence, and More

ELC Newsletter October 2020 – ELC’s Helpline during COVID, Funding Lawsuit Update, Black Girls Equity, and More

ELC Back-to-School Guide September 2020 – ELC’s September Back-to-School Guide

ELC Newsletter August 2020 – Reopening Schools, Federal Funding, Police Free Schools, and More

ELC Newsletter July 2020 – Racial Inequity and COVID-19, Police-Free Schools, Update on Funding Case, and More

ELC Newsletter June 2020 – Opposing Racism and Police Violence, Fair Funding Case Update, PA Budget, and More

ELC Newsletter May 2020 – COVID-19 Advocacy, Chester Upland Controversy, Budget Uncertainty, and More

ELC Newsletter April 2020 – COVID-19 Response, State Funding Advocacy, Mental Health Supports, and More

ELC Newsletter March 2020 – A Voice for Chester Families, Gov. Wolf’s Budget, Reforming Charter Special Ed Funding, and More

ELC Newsletter Feb. 2020 – Governor’s Budget, Special Education Funding, Chester Upland Petition, Toxic Schools, and More

ELC 2019 Year in Review – 5 Reasons to Cheer the Year

ELC Newsletter Dec. 2019 – Toxic Schools, Student Protections in Alternative Education, Residential Placements, and More

ELC Newsletter Nov. 2019 – Special Education Funding, Challenging Enrollment Discrimination, School Choice and Inequity, and More

ELC Newsletter: Oct. 2019 – New Special Ed Funding Report, PUSHOUT Documentary and Black Girls Equity Summit, and More

ELC Newsletter: Sept. 2019 – Back-to-School, Glen Mills, Black Girls Equity Summit, and More

ELC Newsletter: 2019 Back-to-School Guide for Pennsylvania Public School Students

ELC Newsletter: Aug. 2019 – Protecting Rights of English Learners, Parent Guide on Bullying and Harassment, Reforming Residential Facilities, and More

ELC Newsletter: July 2019 – Budget Agreement Reached, Oppose Arming School Personnel, Impact100 Award, and More

ELC Newsletter: June 2019 – State Budget, Pursuing Justice for Youth at Glen Mills, AEDY Reform, and More

ELC Newsletter: May 2019 – Glen Mills Lawsuit, Justice for Black Girls, Monique Morris Visit, and More

ELC Newsletter: April 2019 – Groundbreaking Alternative Ed Settlement, Philly Charter Inequities, Glen Mills, and More

ELC Newsletter: March 2019 – Proposed PA Budget, Abuses at Residential Facility, Charter Report, and More

ELC Newsletter: February 2019 – Calling For Bold School Funding Increase, Groundbreaking Decision on Homelessness, and More

ELC Newsletter: January 2019 – Pushing for Funding Increase, Strengthening Supports for English Learners, and More

ELC 2018 Year In Review – A Look Back at ELC’s Year

ELC Newsletter: December 2018 – Mobilizing for Fair Funding, Highlighting the School-to-Prison Pipeline, and More

ELC Newsletter: November 2018 – Mourning Gun Violence, Regional Summits on School Funding, and More

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