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Advocates want the district to end suspensions of elementary school students

May 3, 2017 – WHYY Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane

Last year, the Philadelphia School District ended most out-of-school suspensions for kindergartners. However, thousands of elementary school children—first through fifth grade—are still being suspended. Schools have zero-tolerance policies for violent behavior, but most suspensions are for nonviolent offenses. In this hour of Radio Times, Marty talks with ALEX DUTTON with the Education Law Center about a coalition of advocates who are calling for the prohibition of out-of-school suspensions of elementary school students saying it harms students more than helps them. KARYN LYNCH, chief of student support services at the district discusses how students, teachers and families are supported in this issue. Then, LINDA BROWN-BARTLETT, health and physical education teacher and antibullying specialist, explains how she created a “calm room” in the Yorkship Family School in Camden, NJ as an alternative to suspensions.

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