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Join us May 2 in Harrisburg for the Fight for Fair Funding

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Public schools in Pennsylvania are a far cry from the “thorough and efficient” system of education guaranteed under our state constitution. Years of neglect and stagnation in Harrisburg have left our children waiting for far too long. Budget cuts have forced school districts around the state to make dramatic changes. Without librarians, guidance counselors, nurses or even enough teachers, our students are suffering.

That’s why we want YOU to join Education Law Center and members of the Campaign for Fair Education Funding in Harrisburg on May 2nd! Register now to reserve your spot on a free bus from Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, PA.

WHO: The Campaign for Fair Education Funding

WHAT: Rally for Fair Education Funding

WHERE: The Main Rotunda at the State Capitol, Harrisburg, PA

Buses of supporters are leaving from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

WHEN: Monday, May 2, 12:30 p.m.

(Buses from your respective locations will leave at various times that morning)

Click the link below to reserve your spot in the fight for fair education funding!


We hope to see you in Harrisburg on May 2nd! Need assistance registering? Email Spencer Malloy at [email protected].