DN Editorial: Sick of it all

May 23, 2014 – Philadelphia Daily News Editorial – The death of any child is a tragedy. The death of two children who fell ill while at school is unspeakable. And while the cause of death for a first-grader at Andrew Jackson School has not been determined, both cases demand that we take a hard look at the impact the district’s budget realities may be having on children.

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What happened to Bache-Martin School?

May 16, 2014 – by William Bender and Solomon Leach, Philadelphia Daily News  – Fifth-graders have been sent to kindergarten. An eighth-grader was banished to first grade.

Draconian “behavior contracts” stipulate to whom certain children can speak and where they can eat breakfast.

These are among the incidents that have fueled concerns at Bache-Martin Elementary in Fairmount this year, and left parents asking: What has happened to our school?

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Pennsylvania schools face funding, construction challenges

May 12, 2014 – Editorial, Allentown Morning Call – Pennsylvania faces a long-term challenge in public education and economic development. Current policies are defining the haves and have-nots statewide. It’s not good for students, and it’s bad for local economies.

However, the angst being heard in some communities may help to explain the election-year momentum and optimism for changes to public school funding in Harrisburg. With bills moving through the Legislature to address basic education funding and school construction, minds are changing all the way up to the governor’s mansion.

There are two foundational state funding streams that schools depend on — basic education funding for operations and school construction dollars.

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