Join ELC’s Day of Legislative Action

Join ELC’s Day of Legislative Action to support Senate Bill 324, Fostering A Smooth Transition for Graduation” This bill supports highly mobile youth through better graduation planning, smooth transfer of academic credits, and targeted educational supports. Sign our letter of support for S.B. 324 using our sign on form. For more information, please see our factsheet or the Bill’s text


Tell your legislator that you support S.B. 324. Your calls and action are critical in ensuring this important legislation continue to move forward. To find the contact information for your State Senator, click here.  Ask them to vote “YES” on S.B. 324. 

When you call, you can say something like:  
“Hi. My name is _______.  I am calling to ask you to support S.B. 324, Fostering a Smooth Transition for Graduation Bill. I believe that youth in the foster care and juvenile justice systems as well as those experiencing homelessness should have supports in place to ensure their continued education and eventual graduation. I believe that S.B. 324 will make a positive difference in their lives. Please support this bill by voting “yes” when it is called for vote on the floor. Thank you.”  

Joint Statement Opposing HB 1152

As civil rights, youth, and education advocacy organizations across Pennsylvania, we oppose HB 1532 and all similar efforts that perpetuate racism and sexism. Our schools bear a responsibility to teach our children accurate history and dismantle biases. The bill prohibits our teachers from accurately teaching history, improperly bans anti-bias training, and would make culturally relevant teaching nearly impossible. The nearly 50 organizations from across Pennsylvania who have signed this letter oppose HB 1532. We urge the legislature to reject this harmful bill.

Show Your Support For Senate Bill 324: “Fostering a Smooth Transition for Graduation”

Please join ELC in advocating for the passage of important legislation, S.B. 324, to advance the educational rights of Pennsylvania students with experience in the foster care and juvenile justice systems and students experiencing homelessness. The bill, “Fostering a Smooth Transition for Graduation,” ensures these highly mobile youth receive credit for academic work completed, obtain an individualized graduation plan, are assigned a point of contact, and have expanded options to access a high school diploma. Learn more from our fact sheet or the bill’s text.  Show your support by adding your sign-on to a letter in support of this important legislation, which will bring high school graduation within reach for highly mobile students. Please sign on as an organization or individual by using the form here. Thank you for standing with our students!