Self-Advocacy Tool: Request for an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

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Special education evaluations and reevaluations are conducted to determine what services and supports a student needs in their IEP. Sometimes, a school’s evaluation or revaluation is incomplete, lacks important information (often called data), uses the wrong tests, misidentifies a child’s disability, recommends something the parent disagrees with, or otherwise lacks needed information to ensure that a proposed IEP will meet a student’s needs. If this happens, parents can request an Independent Education Evaluation (IEE) at the school’s expense one time per each school evaluation or reevaluation. This independent evaluation will assess a child in all areas of suspected disability and will be conducted by an appropriately credentialed certified school psychologist who does not work for the school. Sometimes, schools have a list of providers they use for IEEs. The law allows the school to decline to pay for an IEE and challenge a request for an IEE through a dispute resolution process, but in most cases districts and charter schools agree pay for the testing.

This tool allows you to request an IEE for your child. Please be as detailed as possible. Return this tool to the principal and special education director at your child’s school.

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