Self-Advocacy Tool: Request to Convene an IEP Meeting

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Parents, guardians, Educational Decision Makers (EDMs), and surrogate parents are important members of a student’s IEP team, who must be invited and included in the student’s IEP meeting, which must be held at least once a year. If a student is not making progress, needs more supports, different supports, or something isn’t working well at school, you can request an IEP meeting to discuss your concerns and make suggestions for changes to your child’s IEP. The law does not limit how many IEP meetings a parent can request. You can also make the request that other supportive people who know and support your child attend the IEP meeting, such as doctors, relatives, or outside service providers.

This tool allows you to request an IEP meeting, identify changes you would like to see, bring issues of attendance, bullying and harassment, or other matters to the school’s attention, and request that supportive people be included in your child’s IEP meeting. Please be as detailed as possible when completing this tool. Return this tool to the principal and special education director at your child’s school.

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