Attendance & Truancy: Your Rights

Truancy charges can result in fines, suspension of driving privileges, jail, and child welfare referrals, which can lead to the removal of a truant child from his or her home. It is essential that students and parents know their rights and responsibilities under the law. The more informed students and parents are about the truancy process, the better they can advocate for positive outcomes for students experiencing absenteeism.

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Pennsylvania’s New Truancy Law: What You Need to Know

These fact sheets provide an overview of Pennsylvania’s new truancy law, with specific references to key changes in the law.

FAQ: Truancy & School Attendance in Pennsylvania under Act 138

Frequently-asked questions about Truancy and School Attendance in Pennsylvania.

Press Releases

Education Law Center’s press release in reaction to Pennsylvania’s new truancy law.

School District of Philadelphia Attendance And Truancy Policies, Procedures, and Resources

This is the School District of Philadelphia’s site for all things attendance and truancy. Included are the District’s Administrative Procedures for Attendance and Truancy, sample absence excuse notes, the District’s Truancy Intervention Protocol, Truancy Court Referral Forms, and other resources related to the importance of school attendance.  

Pennsylvania Department of Education, School Attendance Improvement & Truancy Reduction Toolkit

This Toolkit provides a detailed overview of Pennsylvania’s attendance and truancy laws and process; examples of truancy reduction protocol successful in counties across the Commonwealth; and sample forms for counties to use in truancy reduction programs.


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